Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

To start off I think that the song stay by Rihanna it is about two people that are completely in love, but are dealing with their own personal battles. 
The guy is the one that is the one who is "broken" (maybe mental illness), but Rihanna was in a place in life that she needed to be saved from emotionally. He is the only one that she feels can help her fill this emptiness she has been living with. He says its not much of a life she's living, and that she never sees the light. Life isn't something you take, it is given. Live it, don't just let it pass you by. He wants her to get out and live and stop being depressed. She needs help being there for him, it is dragging her down, but she loves him and wants to help him get through it.Round and around and around they go... meaning they keep dealing with this same battle over and over and over again trying to help each other, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. All they know, is they need the other and can't get through it alone, but it's a huge struggle trying to keep helping the other and pulling each other up. This relates to our story line because I am the person that full's around with people and to be specific I cheat on three girls and they are all upset at me and they dont give me a chance at first so I am depressed as well as them. After a while they wanted to give me a chance but it was hard for me to accept it. This was how our story related to the song stay by Rihanna.

In this music video we were told as a requirement that we needed to have fast edited montage sequences. A fast edited montage sequence, is a sequence that includes multiple shots in a short duration of maybe 3 seconds. In our music video we have many different fast changing sequences but my most favorite is at the end were I am lip-syncing in multiple shots and then it ends with me also lip-syncing but this time the camera is moving around me with the sun lighting the background making it a cool effect on my skin. We put a stabilization feature on that shot to make it look super smooth as if we actually used a camera on a moving mount. That was my favorite fast moving sequence in our film.

I think that this music video projects was a great way to end off the year. I really liked the way that we got to work with people that we didn't really know that much because that opened up new conversations and started new friendships.In this project we were told to showcase what have learned all year long. I think that our team met that expectation so well. Over the past two years of being in the G.T class we have learned so much when it came to filming composition techniques or when it came to the demonstrations on who all of the features work in iMovie. Some of the things that our group has showcased are, creative shot types, great lip-syncing, and much more. I think that our music video showed so much because of the way that we communicated with each other about our opinions on how some thing should be added or changed. This is how my music video showcased our best work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Our project on animating a character of our self requires us to express character traits. Some of the character traits that I will be expressing will be, that my character is very strait up to other people and he will have no tolerance for rudeness. I also plan to have my character be very humorous towards the actions an thing sit will do. The last thing that I plan my character to do is, to be a very positive person. Having a positive person around usually makes people feel more comfortable and causes them to be positive. When we start to do our animations I plan to have my character be a very rude person and insult others but then after a while people in the community commit to helping this mean character be a nicer and sympathetic person. This is how I plan to exaggerate my characters traits. I think I will probably exaggerate Maddie's introverted tendencies along with Makena's horrible skills with the socializing of other people. My team's animation is going to be a comparison of a blunt, extroverted person-Kyler Arruda Sukehira- to the quiet, introverted personalities of my teammate Makena and I. Kyler is a sassy, sassy person, and we are going to emphasize that, because it makes such a great contrast to Makena and I.

In this animation project we are required to make sure that we use humor through out our animation. The humor that I have planned for our animation is me insulting these other two girls from school. In the beginning I am basically going to insult them on how low class they are because they don't know what kind of expensive jacket I was wearing. Shortly after the two girls that I insulted start a dramatic cry and then I start to feel inside that I did something wrong. The two girls then think of an idea of me helping them with social skills in return I would get to learn empathy from them. It kind of took me a while because one of the girls came up to me and asks' me to help them because she was having a bad day and she had some weird stripped socks and instead of helping them I told her strait up and hurt her feelings but shortly after she warned me and then from there I changed. That is how I plan to have humor in our story. Our embedded life lessons in the story are, don't mess with sassy Kyler, work through thing with other people sometimes, rely on your friends sometimes, and lastly be KIND!

Considering that I have never worked with my teammates before I can rate our level of productivity okay at first because most of us didn't work because things weren't very clear about using the puppet warp tool in Photoshop. We basically only had one pre project on how to do a short animation but I guess that wasn't enough to most of us because of  the level of quality we produced for our final cut. because we didn't produce such great work our teacher gave us another chance for a final cut 2. From that point we were all very delighted that we had another chance and our teams productivity rose dramatically. Our team leader stepped up her game and kept on checking up on us to see if we needed help on anything. I think that the greatest moment during production would have to be when we all got angry at each other, and I just thought that was funny... so BYE!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Character Development

Hey there viewers.... This week in G.T we are working on a puppet Warp project. Well were not really using real puppets but we are creating them in the Photo shop software. We are taking three different pictures of our selves that will be later cut out and turned into a puppet. We took our pictures in-front of a green screen -, it was easier for Photo Shop to separate our body from the background. When people ask me what kind of person I am, I think of my self being a very humorous and strait up person. When I say humorous I am trying to say that I am a person to really set the mood. I try to put a smile on people faces when there sad. Doing this really makes me happy because the Environment is positive. When I say that I am a very strait up person I am trying to say that If I need to saying something that's mean but its the truth I will say it. Also if someone is being rude to me, I wont just hide it that I'm irritated I would just confront them so they know better not to do that to me but also to other people. That is how others can relate to how my perfections or non-perfections.

Our project on animating a character of our self requires us to express character traits. Some of the character traits that I will be expressing will be, that my character is very strait up to other people and he will have no tolerance for rudeness.I also plan to have my character be very humorous towards the actions an thing sit will do. The last thing that I plan my character to do is, to be a very positive person. Having a positive person around usually makes people feel more comfortable and causes them to be positive. When we start to do our animations I plan to have my character be a very rude person and insult others but then after a while people in the community commit to helping this mean character be a nicer and sympathetic person.This is how I plan to exaggerate my characters traits.

When your wanting to create a fabulous character gig you are going to want to follow the following steps. 1).Grab a camera and set it up properly. 2). You are going to want to find a background that is basically one color. 2). Next you will want to take three different pictures...One will be a full pictureof your body facing front with your hands and feet spread out. 3). Now you will upload you three pictures and open up photo show. 4). When photo shop has been opened you will want to start with one picture and use the elliptical marque tool to select the border lines of our image.4).After those steps you are now going to use the puppet warp tool to adjust your body and make it move.5).When you have did that and probably watched some tutorials on how to create your slides and how to set up the animation settings you are probably ready to export your final master piece.6).Lastly you will wan to go to File>Share>and then Share For Web & Devices.7).Once you have selected all your options on the exporting screen you will now have a finished Gif that will loop if you made the character move in and out of the screen. Now you know how this puppet warping works and you can finally make an actual video.

Friday, March 11, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

 My five key words that connect with my audience are, Adventure, Cliché, Frustration, Discovery, Comedy. My first word adventure can connect with my audience because every one has had to go on an adventure, weather it is small or a big one. My someone would need to go on an adventure to find a lost phone in the house or maybe even to find the golden egg at an Easter egg hunt. My second word cliché relates to my audience because there is always that stereo typical person at school that is just different from every one Else's traits and looks. My third word frustration can possibly relate to every one because not every person has a positive attitude towards every thing. Sometimes people get mad or frustrated about things they are disappointed about such as people no listening to you about what you say or not doing you chores. My fourth word discovery can relate to my audience because while growing up, you don't really know what you want to grow up to be or what your passions are until you discover it. When I was little I discovered that I had a passion for playing soccer so that is what I persuade through my life. My fifth word comedy can relate to my audience because most of the time people are trying to make a comedic message to cheer you up when you are down or maybe just to give you a chuckle. My sixth and final word narration can relate to every one because what narration is, is dialogue and that's what most people do to communicate with each other. Also some people don't realize that when they are watching there favorite program, it is the dialogue or narration that makes it enjoyable. That was how my 6 key words, related to my audience.

           To start off The purpose of our video is to be humorous and make our audience laugh. The meaning of this video is to make a remake of a very popular subject of a movie, cliché. In the beginning Mary Sue’s parents have just recently died in a tragic fire. She just wants to start over. New School, New life. Her sister, Carol Sue, is now her legal guardian. After her hospitalization, Carol is no longer able to take care of Mary, leaving her an orphan. Forced to attend school the next day, Mary must endure a long, painful hour of sitting next to the mysterious “bad boy” of the school, Gary Stu. After school ends Mary is walking down an alleyway when she is intercepted by a mugger. Mary soon finds out that she has “magical powers.” Unfortunately for her, the “bad boy” witnessed her act of magic. Throughout this scene and the next, the narrator makes sarcastic comments about how cliché the script is becoming. In the middle, Mary, being the over dramatic character she is, reacts with panic She soon comes to the conclusion that she must run away. The authorities find out that there is a girl that has magical powers. The government views her as a threat to public safety, and sets out to track her down and “remove the issue.” While in the forest, Mary finds out that Gary has been following her, out of fear for her safety. During their conversation, a government squad appears and attacks Mary. Mary fights back with her powers and wins. Mary and Gary then run to the next town over. Lastly we had to end this movie trailer with how all cliché movies are, The final cliché that sets off the narrator is when Mary and Gary confess their fiery love for the other in a fit of passion. After the realization that Mary and Gary are soul mates and are about to kiss, the narrator stops them, going on a rant about how cliché the entire plot is, claiming Billy, the unseen scriptwriter, will be at fault when they lose billions of dollars on a bad production that is actually just an incredibly terrible remake of Frozen, and proceeds to quit. That's an explanation of our movie.

          Over all I think that our team did great working together, however there were a couple of challenges that our team had faced. The first thing that we had faced was to find a time that all tea mates had free time to film. Although we had all managed to find a couple of film dates for a work session. The second thing that our team had faced was that some team mates showed up late to a film session and that kind of wasted our time to get things done. If you cant make it on time to things than others would be very upset that there valuable time is gone. Another problem that I think our team had faced while filming was to find great lighting in the shot being taken. A whole scene dedicated to filming in the forest was very complicated to shoot because the trees are covering the sun creating speckled light, which caused under exposed and over exposed areas in the video. To resolve this problem we just took some time to move around and we also tried to take things in different angle. Those were the problems that our team had faced in doing this project

Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Do you know what a Panorama is....? A panorama is a composite image that shows a whole landscape, and covers more than one picture could. A composite image is an image that is made of several different sources. For spherical panoramas, the pictures you take all have to overlap so Photoshop can recognize where the pictures have to be aligned and matched together into a panorama. From this point, you can use Photoshops tools to turn your panoramas in to your sphere. If you had not taken multiple photos it wouldn't work the same in photoshop. You can't capture a whole landscape in one photo so you would have to take a panorama made of multiple shots.

For our final project, we will be creating two polar panoramas, and two spherical panoramas. Spherical and polar panoramas are to totally opposite things. When you make a polar panorama, the final images would probably look like a tiny world that belongs to yourself. I think that I like Spherical panoramas rather than Polar panoramas. When you make a spherical panorama, it comes out like a tiny world in the center and majority of the sky around it and for you polar portrait it would look like your standing on the world. The only change you have to make in Photoshop is that if you want to create a Polar then you would rotate your image 180 degrees and if you want a Spherical than you would not make a rotate before applying the polar coordinates filter.

All of my panoramas were taken by much green nature which is very beautiful to me.What will make my panoramas convincing is the way that I had carefully used the stamp too to make things look more realistic. If the line where the ends of the panorama meet is stamped out well then it will look more convincing that It is a real planet.  Another thing that I would suggest would be to use the eraser on a low opacity to blend your portraits together. For the portraits, where we will cut out a portrait of us in so it looks like we're standing on the world.To make this look convincing you'll need a shadow place in the right spot to look convincing.It will most likely be placed were the sun would naturally create a shadow.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hockney Style Joiner

David Hockney is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. He is based in Bridlington, Yorkshire, and Kensington, London. He is an important contributor to the Pop art movement of the 1960s, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century.His photo montages are different because his photographs are taken from different perspectives and at slightly different times were to my photomontages are at the same angle and perspective.He also has many pieces of photography that are landscapes as to my photo montages are mostly vertical. He also seems to outline his photos with a colored line and he places his photomontage on a colored background.That is different from me because I left my edge plain and I left it with a with background that was cropped to minimal size.Those were the differences between my Photomontages that I have created and David Hockneys'.

I think that Images can send or convey a positive or  negative message.I think a person can do this by maybe showing expression.Expression can be shown in different feelings.Lets say I just got a new bike for my birthday, I would probably be positive and happy about the gift.I would probably have a smile and that could show others my mood.Say my dog just go ran over and I posted a picture because it made me feel better.I would probably be depressed and that could send a negative message to other because maybe it would remind them of a lost they had.Its not always about the expression on someones face because it can also just be there setting or what they are doing.Lets say that I take a picture of me at the beach with my dog, that photo would have nothing negative about it so it could send a positive message.Maybe someone viewing the photo really likes going to the beach so seeing they love with cause happiness. If i post a picture of a funeral then someone looking at my picture could feel sad and possibly flash back a loved one the had lost.

I think that the message that I hope for my audience to see is that I am a strong person who loves to go out doors and explore.I also want my viewers to notice that the treehouse in my final photomontage is something that I have grew up playing in with my sisters and its also something that I seen every day when I came home from school entering my yard.I think that the message that the treehouse is symbolic to me should be easy to understand.I think that the underlying message should be positive because Its something positive to me and also sometimes when people have things in common like liking outdoors could make them happy.I hope you have enjoyed the photomontages that I have created and I also hope that my message is understand.Until my next Gt project...Good Bye!.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

I think that 5 different goals that I want to again in 2016 could really help me push harder.The 5 different goals that I would like to achieve are, I would like to try and push harder to raise my grade in Language Arts.Right now I currently have a B so I want to push harder on my test and on my class work to get the grade I hope to get. The second thing that I would like to achieve is to get more stripes on my orange belt in Jiu-Jitsu.Right now I just have my orange belt and when I get 5 stripes placed on my belt I can obtain my green belt.My third goal is to go away to a culinary school for college.I would hopefully like to go to college for 2 years and then go to work at a restaurant.My fourth goal is to hope fully learn more coding and create a great game that can go on the app store.My fifth and final goal is to be on a professional soccer team because I truly have a passion for playing soccer with others. That was 5 goals I hope to again in 2016.

I think that the most important goal that I achieve is that I get great grades through out my education period.This is very important because when I put in my resumé for college they will be taking a look back to my 6-12th grade grades.If it show that I want putting enough effort in to what I was doing then it is most likely that I will not be accepted into a college.Say I do a great job its most likely that I will be in the top list for acceptance.This is the reason you should push hard to strive towards meeting your goals.This is a cause and effect relation ship because if don't get into college then you have no background study when you apply for a job.If u don't have a job then it will probably be a hard rest of your life not being able to make money which will provide food, health aids, clothing's, and a shelter.This is my ultimate goal because I don't want to end up like that....Do you?

In order to ensure succeeding in my long list of aspirations for this brand new year.I will automatically forget all of the bad things in the past and I will start new.I will make myself become a more socially functional person that, doesn't overthink things to much and stress, then I'll probably be worn out by make sure I do all these things, and is totally chill about things. Maybe I could start my self easy by being a more nice person  or keeping a note book of things that I think I need to work more on to be successfully, I think I can evolve  into a person that will push there selves harder to new levels. I can also try taking note of things that are totally bugging me.I hope that by doing the following things I can ensure to hopefully meet my goals.